Ross A. Hill: April 2010

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Friday, April 30, 2010

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Colombia -Last Words

The trip was really good with lots of memories but the lasting value will be three items.

First, the extreme poverty the Colombian people live in yet they have a wonderful spirit.

Second, the new friends that RJ and I made on the trip.  We met some of the finest couples we have ever had the pleasure to spend time with.  Caring, loving, giving Christians.

Third, Compassion International is the real deal.  You should consider sponsoring a child.  Please visit

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Colombia - Part - 4

Beep Beep.  That is all we heard as you traveled around Cartagena.  It was funny.  All kinds of cars, trucks and buses going as fast as they can go in all kinds of directions with little concern for signs and lane markings.  Raynell figured out that who ever honked their horn first had the right away.  I think she was right!

The amazing thing was honking your horn was not considered rude.  Nobody got upset...unless you honk your horn several times.  Then, it maybe a problem :)

This was a fast trip but it was a trip neither of us will ever forget.

Stop by my office and let me show you my Mario figure.

Colombia Part - 3

Today, we were having a discussion with some friends about the kids in Colombia.  Raynell was telling our friends that the kids in Cartagena had such a sweet spirit.  That they were very loving and very well behaved. Just great kids.

I was rethinking our trip and the interaction we had with the kids.  I would agree with everything Raynell said and I would add a couple of more items to describe the kids.  I would add that they are very talented and very positive group.

I saw wonderful art work by these kids, all kinds of examples of painting, dance, photography, music and clothing design.  It was amazing.  Talk about upbeat.  They had numerous reasons to be down not the least of which was the intense humidity.  But instead or in spite of the many disadvantages they live with, these kids have a upbeat attitude.  They are very thankful for what they have and they are excited about the future.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Colombia Part-2

One of the things I love to do on these trips is shake hands with every kid I see.  I shake their hand, look into their eyes, smile and make them tell me their name and I tell them my name.  Then we both try to say each others names.  It is so much fun and can be sooo funny.  The kids love it and so do I.  Well, on this last trip, I was walking down a dirt street in a shanty town that had been built at the sewage lagoon.  I met a little girl (probably 8 years old).  We exchanged names as detailed above.   But what happened next was the fun part.  She followed me down the street.  She told EVERYBODY my name, adults, kid, the world.  It was so funny.  She laughed and we laughed together.  She was having a great time.

Kids are kids no matter what country, no matter how poor.  She made my day.  I don't think I will ever forget her.  Last night I discovered that I have a great picture of her.  I just wish I had a tape recording.

Monday, April 26, 2010


We just returned from Cartegena, Colombia.  We were part of a Compassion International mission trip.  To be honest, I don't remember being this tired in a long time.

It was a great trip, Raynell's first over sea's mission trip.  We loved on a bunch of kids, made new friends and served the Lord.  I am not sure it get's much better than that.  It was fun to watch Raynell react to some of the things we saw.  She has a soft heart and it is hard to see kids living in those kinds of conditions.  We both trust we spread some hope.

Kids are remarkable.  We were making a home visit.  The home was located with in a few dozen yards of the sewage pond really it was a lake for the entire area.  It was nasty.  The little girl we were visiting loved Raynell and she took a liking to me as well.  In fact, she gave me a gift.  It was a little Mario figure and she told me I looked like him.  We both are fat and wear red shirts! 

I was touched to the inner most core.  She had no material blessing to speak of.  None of us would consider living in the conditions where she was being raised yet, she gave me a gift.  Even as I write these words it brings tears back to my eyes.  I went to Colombia to serve, to encourage and to give out of my abundance.  She gave to me out of her scarceness.  What an example she was to me.  I hope I never forget.  All I had to give her was a smile, a hug and a kiss.  She humbled me.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Pros for Africa - I Am Proud To Be An Okie!

I was so thankful that I made the decision to sponsor Pros for Africa on a personal level and on a corporate level.  What a story.  It had to be told. The combined efforts of Pros For Africa, Reggie Whitton Foundation, Giant Experiences, Water 4, Channel 6 & 9, and the rest of the companies, non-profits and idividuals was wonderful.  Their is no way to give everyone the thanks they deserve. 

I have several "take aways" from this evening.
  1. Raynell and I are going next time.
  2. I don't care if I ever get one piece of business because we supported this venture.  We were suppose to sponsor this event.
  3. I am so fortunate to walk arm in arm with Ray Sanders, CEO of Giant Experiences.  Thanks for letting me be on your team.
  4. I am thankful for Brian Hill, CEO of Works24.  He is the real deal and should be an inpirations to every CEO.
  5. Channel 6-Tulsa and Channel-9 OKC did a fantastic job promoting this show tonight.
  6. A lot of caring people, made a big difference, in a bunch of lives.
  7. Thanks to everyone of you.
  8. I am Proud To Be An Okie!
Would you like to go with me next year?  Let me know.

We Should Celebrate

Tonight was Bank2's annual Promotion Celebration.  We recognized the 5 officers that had recently been promoted and we added a new element to the event, we also recognized employees for length of service.

It was fun celebrating the success of others.  It was fun to reflect over the many major accomplishments of each of the folks we honored.  Raynell may have said it best when she said, "starting the bank was a huge team effort".  I can honestly say, I get to work with some of the finest people I have ever known.

We celebrated tonight.  For a few minutes I just sat back and reflected on the evening, looked around at the room, heard the laughter, listened in on the conversations and watch people interact.  It made me feel GREAT!  I knew together we had built something special.  It was great fun.  It was a party!  A Celebration!

One of our employees (that was not honored) wrote to me this morning and said, "as I told Raynell, dinner last night was awesome!  It is so great for an employer to be so thankful of their employees and how the long time employees and the promotion employees were honored!  I consider myself blessed to be a part of Bank2".  One of the honorees' wrote and said, "Thank you all for the wonderful party last night!  My husband commented that everyone is so friendly and that you truly care about your employees and I couldn't agree more.  It's the reason why I want to be here".  She went on to say, "Thank you for taking time out of your evening to make everyone who received a promotion, or those that received longevity awards feel special.  It was a fun night and I really enjoyed it!"

We should Celebrate!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Pros For Africa

Please join me in watching the Pros For Africa special tonight on Channel 6 in Tulsa and Channel 9 in OKC starting at 7 p.m.

I have been a part of this endeavor and Bank2 is one of the sponsors of the event.

I promise you, you will not be disappointed in what you will see.  You will learn a great deal and I believe you will be challenged to make a difference with your life.

Remember, Tonight, 7 p.m. Channel 9 in OKC and Channel 6 in Tulsa.



This is one very difficult concept to practice and accomplish consistently.  I think I forgive people easily.  I think I forgive and forget and move on.  The vast majority of the time this is true but there are times when I don't.  When I don't I have learned, I am the one that suffers.  I have also learned that the wall that been created between me and the person I won't forgive gets more difficult to tear down.

When happens then is I become the looser.  Why do I want to hang on to the hurt, to the pain?  Why do I want it to fester?  Why do I do that to myself?  Why?  I don't have a clue.

But this, I do know, if I am going to be happy and live a life worth living I need to forgive everyone, every time.  I need to let it go.

Forgiveness, I need it, I want it, and I am going to give it 100% of the time!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Dream Big Dreams

Tom Clancy said,

"Nothing is as real as a dream.  The world can change around you, but your dream will not.  Responsibilities need not erase it.  Duties need not obscure it.  Because the dream is with you, no on can take it away."

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Prayer as Encouragement

Yesterday was a blessed day in many ways.  As many of you know, I often pray for my employees, customers, vendors and friends.  Many times this happens in my office when we have appointments.  As we meet they tell me of an issue that is significant in their life.  I ask them if I can pray for them.

As an example, one of my vendors and friends was in the other day.  Ray told me that he had prostate cancer  and he was going to under go Proton Therapy for 90 days at Integris.  As we discussed the issue I asked Ray if I could pray for him.  He immediately said, YES!  We did pray and when he left I felt like he was blessed.

Well, yesterday, to my surprise and to my joy a guest in my office turned it around on me.  We were visiting and he sensed I needed prayer.  He asked me if he could pray for me.  I immediately said, YES!
What a blessing!  A huge blessing!!  Totally unexpected, I felt a little off guard as I was the one that was to do the praying, not my guest.  But, what a blessing.  I have been walking about 6" off of the floor ever since.  A load was lifted off of my shoulders.  Prayer is so powerful.

Would you like to encourage a friend?  Go have a meeting with them and ask them if you can pray for them.  You will bless them.  Prayer is such an encouragement.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

God is Always Present

Raynell and I are headed to Colombia in a few days on a mission trip.  As part of the trip the organizers have asked us to share how we KNOW God is constantly in our midst.  They want practical real life examples.

Last night, I was thinking about what I would say.  To be honest, I was struggling to come up with anything.  I was embarrassed that I was struggling but...I WAS STRUGGLING.

Today, well today is a different story.  Late last night I sent an email to a friend that was a bit discouraged.  I asked the friend to read it.  Not only was the item an encouragement but a separate item (I had not seen) was on the page and that got my friends attention too.  It was a scripture.  My friend decided to looked it up and read it.  It was an even greater blessing and encouragement.  My friend could hardly wait to tell me about.

Then, another friend asked me to consider doing something for him.  I had just been thinking about it the day before.  My friend did not know that I was thinking about it or that I had a deep desire to do it.  In fact, I had told my wife not 12 hours before that I wanted to do the exact thing he was asking me to consider.  I also told her I did not know how it would be possible!   Now, it not only seems possible, it seems probable.

Tonight, I chaired the Whisper of Hope annual meeting.  God's hand and foot prints were ever present.  Trust me, it was amazing.

Have you heard enough?  The list continues as I just got an email about yesterday's blog.  My son-in-law blessed the young men I wrote about and hired them to do his yard work.

I am not struggling any more, these are just some hi-lights from today.  Obviously, God is with us every moment.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Banking 101

From time to time I have been providing insight to you about banking.  Many of you have been asking me about the Bill in congress that is suppose to reform banking and keep terrible financial problems from happening in the future.  The bottom line is we do need some regulatory reforms.  Such as;

  1. Repeal "Too Big To Fail"
  2. Put Wall Street Under Tighter Regulatory Oversight
  3. Get Rid of the SEC Which Failed as A Regulator of Wall Street
  4. Get Wall Street and the Politicians Out of Each Others Pockets

The current Dodd Bill simply put, is a TERRIBLE BILL!!!  It must not pass.

Among other things, it proposes to limit the Federal Reserve Bank oversight to the top 20 financial institutions in the country.  These are principally located in New York City.  What a huge problem this would created.  It would essentially disband the Central Bank.  Our forefathers knew that we need to have the Federal Reserve Bank (aka the Central Bank) located across the country.  They knew that if the country as a whole was going to prosper the Federal Reserve needed to serve the entire country and understand the financial problems and opportunities of the entire nation.

Dodd's Bill would change all of that and New York City would soon become the total focus of the countries Central Bank.  Our leaders knew better then and we should know better now.

NEW YORK CITY...are you kidding me?

Monday, April 12, 2010

Josh and Isaac Know About Character

A friend of mine was telling me about his son's lawn business.  It seems his sons had agreed with a home owner to mow, edge, trim, weed and get the flower beds ready for the year.  They had worked very hard and they were about 1/2 way done when the home owner came out of the house.  As soon as Josh saw the home owner he instantly knew this was not the person that had hired him.  Josh was at the wrong house!

After realizing the mistake, Josh and Isaac looked at each other and decided to finish the work they had begun.  What did you say?  That is right, they finished the work!  These are high school kids, yet, they new it was the right thing to do.  Can you believe it?  The retail the value would have been about $125 - $150. They did it for free, not because their dad made them but rather because their mom and dad had taught them a biblical truth.  Your character echos for eternity.

Maybe you need some lawn work done.  You can contact them at the link below.

Sunday, April 11, 2010


Have you ever noticed how spring time changes your attitude?  Mine changes in huge ways, all for the better!  I walk a little faster, I have a little more hope,  I get excited about the future.  I spend more time thinking about the future and how to make the present even better.  I start dreaming about what we can do to make the company more successful.   I spend more time outside.  I notice the flowers, the birds and the trees.  I notice the blue skies, the sunsets and clear star lit nights.  I love it all.  I love spring.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

What Did You Do?

Thanks to everyone that wrote to me to tell me what you did to help someone that was in need.  Isn't a great feeling?  Many of your stories were very inspiring.  I appreciate the feedback.

So what are you going to do long term?  Are you going to decide to make a difference in the world everyday or are you going to decided to let someone else?

What would happen if the someone else that takes action has only the worst of intentions.  All the while we sit by and do nothing but wonder why things are going down hill.

That is not my decision.  On January 15, 2010 I decided that I was going to get pro-active and DAILY do something for someone else.  Not just something, not just something for me, but something to help build better lives and a better world.

I don't like a lot of what I hear, see and experience these days and I am committed to changing the world to the good with the rest of my life.

Will you join me?  Write to me and tell me what you have decided to do.  Write me right now.    Hit the reply now button and tell me what you have decided to do.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Wide Awake

Wide Awake is a great book written by Erwin McManus. I highly recommend that you read it.

He writes in the introduction,"Very few are meant for a life of notoriety, yet all of us are meant for a life of significance.  We should never confuse fame with greatness.  The former is about what you do for your self; the latter is about what you do for others.  It is in this way that all of us have heroic lives to live.  We are called to serve the greater good."

How?  By helping people.  Take a look around you today.  Open your eyes.  You don't have to look far to see someone you know that needs some help, some love, some encouragement.  Someone that needs a kind word, someone to believe in them, someone to help carry the load.  Help them.

Please, write me back and tell me how you helped someone today.  Just hit reply and tell me the story.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

With God There Is Always Hope

I have been reading Genesis of late.  It is not like I have not read it many times before.  But this time it has taken on a fresh meaning for me.  God became very disappointed in what God had created.  It seemed that men and women liked living in sin more than they liked living a life pleasing to God.

Sounds like 2010 to me.

 Recently, I was boldly confronted with sin that was so decadent I wondered how God could stand it.  I thought how disappointed He must be with us.  I wondered, how much is God's heart breaking over our sin?  I wondered why he allowed it to continue.

See what I mean about 2010?

Things were so bad, God decided the only thing to do was to destroy what He had created.  But, He decided to save Noah because he was righteous.   He saved Noah's entire family, a handful of the birds, animals and living creatures from the flood.  He destroyed everything else and started over with Noah and things he had saved on the ark.

While God knew it was the right thing to do, I believe it was very hard for Him.  So, He gave us a promise and a sign to remind us of His promise.  He promised He would not destroy the world again thru a flood and He created the rainbow to serve as a reminder.  It would be a symbol of ever lasting hope.  I love to see rainbows!

A few thousand years later He gave us yet another promise and another sign of hope. This time He promised we could spend eternity with Him and the sign was an empty tomb.  He gave us the eternal hope that no matter what happens to us on earth, if we accept His love we will never be destroyed.
With God There Is Always Hope!  I love to celebrate Easter.

Life Doesn't Get Any Better!

Last night my wife and I spent the evening with some of my kids and grandkids.  I spent most of the evening holding my 6 day old granddaughter, Kelsey Casey Hill.  She is an angle sent from God Himself.  She is beautiful with blond hair and eye lids, eye brows and dark blue eyes.  She felt like a feather in my arms.  She sleep the entire time.  Her big sister (2.5 years old) was so proud of her.  She is a doll too...honestly...not just Papa talk. 

The evening started being greeted by my son beaming from ear to ear followed by, "Hi Papa" from precious Lauren and of course a big hug and kiss from her.  It really got me when I picked her up and after the hug and kiss she laid her head on my shoulder.

As my wife and I drove home I told her the best part of the evening was seeing the family so happy and content.  Life doesn't get any better!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Back From A Week In The Sun

There is nothing like a week in the desert for my wife and me.  We love it in Indian Wells.  Just before departing yesterday we attended a fantastic Easter Sunday Service at Southwestern Community Church.  It was a fitting end to a great vacation.  Worshipping the creator of the beautiy we enjoyed all week.  Recognizing His love and His sacrifice for us.  We attended the 9:30 service just 1 of 5 seperate services dedicated to glorifying the King.  Thousands attended our service alone.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Good Friday

No matter what happens to you today, don't loose sight of how much Jesus LOVE YOU!  This day should always bring this fact clearly to your mind.