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Thursday, April 8, 2010

What Did You Do?

Thanks to everyone that wrote to me to tell me what you did to help someone that was in need.  Isn't a great feeling?  Many of your stories were very inspiring.  I appreciate the feedback.

So what are you going to do long term?  Are you going to decide to make a difference in the world everyday or are you going to decided to let someone else?

What would happen if the someone else that takes action has only the worst of intentions.  All the while we sit by and do nothing but wonder why things are going down hill.

That is not my decision.  On January 15, 2010 I decided that I was going to get pro-active and DAILY do something for someone else.  Not just something, not just something for me, but something to help build better lives and a better world.

I don't like a lot of what I hear, see and experience these days and I am committed to changing the world to the good with the rest of my life.

Will you join me?  Write to me and tell me what you have decided to do.  Write me right now.    Hit the reply now button and tell me what you have decided to do.

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