Ross A. Hill: Colombia Part - 3

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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Colombia Part - 3

Today, we were having a discussion with some friends about the kids in Colombia.  Raynell was telling our friends that the kids in Cartagena had such a sweet spirit.  That they were very loving and very well behaved. Just great kids.

I was rethinking our trip and the interaction we had with the kids.  I would agree with everything Raynell said and I would add a couple of more items to describe the kids.  I would add that they are very talented and very positive group.

I saw wonderful art work by these kids, all kinds of examples of painting, dance, photography, music and clothing design.  It was amazing.  Talk about upbeat.  They had numerous reasons to be down not the least of which was the intense humidity.  But instead or in spite of the many disadvantages they live with, these kids have a upbeat attitude.  They are very thankful for what they have and they are excited about the future.

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