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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Prayer as Encouragement

Yesterday was a blessed day in many ways.  As many of you know, I often pray for my employees, customers, vendors and friends.  Many times this happens in my office when we have appointments.  As we meet they tell me of an issue that is significant in their life.  I ask them if I can pray for them.

As an example, one of my vendors and friends was in the other day.  Ray told me that he had prostate cancer  and he was going to under go Proton Therapy for 90 days at Integris.  As we discussed the issue I asked Ray if I could pray for him.  He immediately said, YES!  We did pray and when he left I felt like he was blessed.

Well, yesterday, to my surprise and to my joy a guest in my office turned it around on me.  We were visiting and he sensed I needed prayer.  He asked me if he could pray for me.  I immediately said, YES!
What a blessing!  A huge blessing!!  Totally unexpected, I felt a little off guard as I was the one that was to do the praying, not my guest.  But, what a blessing.  I have been walking about 6" off of the floor ever since.  A load was lifted off of my shoulders.  Prayer is so powerful.

Would you like to encourage a friend?  Go have a meeting with them and ask them if you can pray for them.  You will bless them.  Prayer is such an encouragement.

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  1. I love this story!! I ask for prayer of encouragement and protection. Thanks.