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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

God is Always Present

Raynell and I are headed to Colombia in a few days on a mission trip.  As part of the trip the organizers have asked us to share how we KNOW God is constantly in our midst.  They want practical real life examples.

Last night, I was thinking about what I would say.  To be honest, I was struggling to come up with anything.  I was embarrassed that I was struggling but...I WAS STRUGGLING.

Today, well today is a different story.  Late last night I sent an email to a friend that was a bit discouraged.  I asked the friend to read it.  Not only was the item an encouragement but a separate item (I had not seen) was on the page and that got my friends attention too.  It was a scripture.  My friend decided to looked it up and read it.  It was an even greater blessing and encouragement.  My friend could hardly wait to tell me about.

Then, another friend asked me to consider doing something for him.  I had just been thinking about it the day before.  My friend did not know that I was thinking about it or that I had a deep desire to do it.  In fact, I had told my wife not 12 hours before that I wanted to do the exact thing he was asking me to consider.  I also told her I did not know how it would be possible!   Now, it not only seems possible, it seems probable.

Tonight, I chaired the Whisper of Hope annual meeting.  God's hand and foot prints were ever present.  Trust me, it was amazing.

Have you heard enough?  The list continues as I just got an email about yesterday's blog.  My son-in-law blessed the young men I wrote about and hired them to do his yard work.

I am not struggling any more, these are just some hi-lights from today.  Obviously, God is with us every moment.

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  1. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! Great reminder & encouragement!