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Monday, April 12, 2010

Josh and Isaac Know About Character

A friend of mine was telling me about his son's lawn business.  It seems his sons had agreed with a home owner to mow, edge, trim, weed and get the flower beds ready for the year.  They had worked very hard and they were about 1/2 way done when the home owner came out of the house.  As soon as Josh saw the home owner he instantly knew this was not the person that had hired him.  Josh was at the wrong house!

After realizing the mistake, Josh and Isaac looked at each other and decided to finish the work they had begun.  What did you say?  That is right, they finished the work!  These are high school kids, yet, they new it was the right thing to do.  Can you believe it?  The retail the value would have been about $125 - $150. They did it for free, not because their dad made them but rather because their mom and dad had taught them a biblical truth.  Your character echos for eternity.

Maybe you need some lawn work done.  You can contact them at the link below.

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