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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Pros for Africa - I Am Proud To Be An Okie!

I was so thankful that I made the decision to sponsor Pros for Africa on a personal level and on a corporate level.  What a story.  It had to be told. The combined efforts of Pros For Africa, Reggie Whitton Foundation, Giant Experiences, Water 4, Channel 6 & 9, and the rest of the companies, non-profits and idividuals was wonderful.  Their is no way to give everyone the thanks they deserve. 

I have several "take aways" from this evening.
  1. Raynell and I are going next time.
  2. I don't care if I ever get one piece of business because we supported this venture.  We were suppose to sponsor this event.
  3. I am so fortunate to walk arm in arm with Ray Sanders, CEO of Giant Experiences.  Thanks for letting me be on your team.
  4. I am thankful for Brian Hill, CEO of Works24.  He is the real deal and should be an inpirations to every CEO.
  5. Channel 6-Tulsa and Channel-9 OKC did a fantastic job promoting this show tonight.
  6. A lot of caring people, made a big difference, in a bunch of lives.
  7. Thanks to everyone of you.
  8. I am Proud To Be An Okie!
Would you like to go with me next year?  Let me know.

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