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Monday, April 26, 2010


We just returned from Cartegena, Colombia.  We were part of a Compassion International mission trip.  To be honest, I don't remember being this tired in a long time.

It was a great trip, Raynell's first over sea's mission trip.  We loved on a bunch of kids, made new friends and served the Lord.  I am not sure it get's much better than that.  It was fun to watch Raynell react to some of the things we saw.  She has a soft heart and it is hard to see kids living in those kinds of conditions.  We both trust we spread some hope.

Kids are remarkable.  We were making a home visit.  The home was located with in a few dozen yards of the sewage pond really it was a lake for the entire area.  It was nasty.  The little girl we were visiting loved Raynell and she took a liking to me as well.  In fact, she gave me a gift.  It was a little Mario figure and she told me I looked like him.  We both are fat and wear red shirts! 

I was touched to the inner most core.  She had no material blessing to speak of.  None of us would consider living in the conditions where she was being raised yet, she gave me a gift.  Even as I write these words it brings tears back to my eyes.  I went to Colombia to serve, to encourage and to give out of my abundance.  She gave to me out of her scarceness.  What an example she was to me.  I hope I never forget.  All I had to give her was a smile, a hug and a kiss.  She humbled me.

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  1. Someone asked me why the sponsors do what they do? I answered with four letters, love, and added: the love of God abounds in their lives and they are grateful for the little or much that God has given to then.