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Monday, September 20, 2010

Renewing Old Friendships

Sunday I attended a birthday party of a good family friend in the DC area. Clay turned 90 and I was able to attend his party and enjoyed seeing his son and his daughter again. His daughter Jane and I were friends growing up and her brother and my brother were friends. You remember how it works, your parents are friends with another couple so the kids have to be friends even if they did not like each other! In our case, it was not a problem, we all liked each other and got along. I had a great time meeting Jane's husband and her son. I also had fun meeting Bob's wife and one of their daughters and her husband. We shared pictures and stories and even though we had not seen each other for decades!...Yes, I said DECADES, it was like we started over where we had left off all those years ago. How does that happen??? Life is too fast, childhood friendships are way to fleeting, but I am blessed to have renewed these friendships. I would encourage everyone to try to reconnect. It is very special. Ross

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