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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Washington Reflections

Here are some of my reflections on D. C.

Fantastic weather, temps in the 70's and no humidity.

The White House is as beautiful as ever, beautiful grounds, flowers and fountains.

The White House Still stands for freedom.  I walked completely around the White House and in spite of all of our political upheavals and short comings there was no other place in D. C. where more foreign tourist gather. They all want a picture of themselves standing in front of the White House. It made me feel great. People around the world still admire us.

The Federal buildings are huge, beautiful and expensive.

Panhandlers abound every place and very close to the White House.

Our Oklahoma Congressional Delegation continues to be depressed about what has happened over the past two years but they believe the end is insight.  They believe we are going to be able to restore American by limiting government after the upcoming elections.

The security around the White House and the president was overwhelming. I think it is sad.

I heard more sirens the last three days than I have heard in the past 3 years combined in OKC.

I think D. C. has more cops than the entire State of Oklahoma.

The Federal Government is exploding, as a result there is no recession in D. C.

Many, if not all of the bank regulating agencies we met with are out of touch with the problems the new regulations have created.  Most regulators have no idea that the cost of banking, the cost of borrowing money is about to go sky high for the consumers and small businessmen.

The bureaucrats want more government.  Why?  Job security, more turf, higher pay.  All SELF serving, not serving the people.

I did not hear ONE solitary conversation on the street, in elevators, in restaurants that was in support of the actions of congress and the president over the past two years.  I heard tons of complaints.  I mean tons.

Ben's Chili Dogs are world famous.  They are great!

National Community Church Rocks.

Mark Batterson is absolutely the real deal.

Everyone needs to attend a Robbie Seay Band concert! They are awesome.

The Oklahoma Banker Association is an organization that all Oklahoman's can be proud of.


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