Ross A. Hill: My Grandmother - Part 3

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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

My Grandmother - Part 3

Part-3 Living legendary lives takes more than wishing.  It takes commitment, purpose, intention, and action. Welcome to living life to the full in God's great kingdom!  By George R. Skramstad, 2010.

I like that word "intention" for that is exactly what describes my grandmother.  Her intention was to bless people.  My mom told me that grandmother took care of everyone, did for everyone and never asked for anything. What an example! She had to have commitment, she had to have purpose and of course she had to act. If she never accomplished more than planting the seeds of faith in me I am eternally grateful to her.  But, I know she did more.

Grandmother was a very unassuming woman.  She was born in 1895.  She was poor when she was born and she was poor when she died in 1985. I never heard her complain about her lot in life. Just think of the things she witnessed in her life time.  From horse and buggy to men on the moon!

Besides watching the storms we always ate at least one pepperoni pizza when I visited her. She liked it as much as me!

I flew my mom and grandmother out to Oklahoma in 1984. Grandmother had never flown and the flights out and back were thrilling for her.  God blessed her on the flight out. The pilot treated her like a queen.  He took her into the cockpit and he gave her his wings right off of his shirt. She could not stop talking about it.  A year later when I went back home for her funeral the wings the pilot had given to her were pinned to her lamp shade next to her favorite chair.

I guess you can tell, Grandmother left footprints firmly in the sands of time for me and a bunch of other people to remember and cherish. I hope I can follow in foot steps.


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