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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Growing Up Is Hard To Do

Have you notice, it is hard to grow?

Think about watching a child learn to walk.  How many times do they fall and bang their heads before they get it?

Think about learning to ride a bike.  How many times did you fall over before you learned to balance?

Think about learning to drive.  I heard about a girl that took her driving test the other day.  The first thing she did was back into a car!

Think about learning to pray.  It was really hard for me at first and still is sometimes.

Think about growing a business, especially now.  Talk about hard!

Think about your relationship with your wife.  It is a process and over the years it should get deeper and stronger.

Think about your faith.  For most of us I think it comes with as much or more challenges as the things I mentioned above.  Why do we think we should have a full measure the day we begin the journey?  Nothing else in life works that way.  Our faith should grow as we experience life and learn to have a relationship with God.  

One of my kids asked me to post a special prayer request for Martha Rhodes.
Martha had a heart attack and is in serious condition.  She is a wonderful Christian lady that runs the
children's department in their church.  She loves the Lord and loves the kids.  Please pray for her recovery.

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