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Monday, August 30, 2010

Walt's Honor System

Picking up from yesterdays story,

I bought the corn on the cob and peaches from a farmer in Ohio.  He had a sign along the highway out in the country in northern Ohio.  I pulled in but it was late in the evening and no one was around.  We thought they were closed.

As we pulled out a man and woman pulled in like they owned the place. I lowered my window and asked him if he lived here.  He said he did and I asked him if there was anyway to buy some of the produce.  He said they were open just go get what we wanted out of the barn and put he money in the box on the wall.

I could not believe my ears. He drove off to his house like it was not big deal.  Raynell and I went into the barn and we could instantly smell the cantaloupe.  The corn looked great!  I went back out and yelled at Walt and he walked over to the barn.  He helped us a bit and I told him I could not believe he was operating on the honor system.  He just kinda shrugged his shoulders.

I gave him $5 bucks for $4.50 worth of food and then I gave him my business card and a Bank2 shirt.  I thanked him and told him what I had planned for the food.  It was all good.

Raynell and I drove off just amazed by Walt and totally encouraged about life and people in general.

Thanks Walt, you made our day!


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