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Sunday, August 29, 2010

86 and Counting!

I had the very good fortune of celebrating my mom's 86th birthday this weekend. It was a ton of fun! First, like little kids in a candy store we cooked fresh picked corn on the cob. It was dripping with butter, salt and pepper. It was Ohio's best sweet corn and picked in the field just hours before we ate it. Then we ate fresh tree ripened peaches. They were soft and tasty and the juice ran down our chins! Between the corn on the cob and the peaches I think we used a complete roll of paper towels! My mom loved it and I loved bringing her joy. I sat back and watched her eat the food and enjoy the taste from years gone by. It was amazing and we created another precious memory. Happy Birthday Mom, Ross

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  1. Your mom is a great woman and a pleasure to be with. Best wishes and a happy happy birthday to her!!