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Monday, September 6, 2010

Are You in Neutral?

Are you?

What I mean is are you waiting around for that new job, or pay raise, or promotion, or marriage, or graduation before you start to work for God?  It seems like many times in life I have noticed that people seem to be waiting for some artificial mile stone before they start doing something for God.  So, they are in neutral.  Are you waiting on something to happen before you start to work for God?

Neutral is not a good place, some would call it no man's land.  It is a place where we sit and wait for the future. While we wait, we miss ton's of opportunities God puts in front of us everyday.  Opportunities to do good for Him and His Kingdom.  Opportunities to serve man kind for the Lord.  Opportunities to make a difference in the world. Are you in no man's land?

God does not want us to be in neutral.  He does not intent for us to be on hold.  God wants us to do something. What?  Doesn't matter, just start doing something to serve Him. Opportunities abound everyday so just do what God has puts before you today. He wants us to get out of neutral and get on with making a difference in the world.

Are you in neutral?  If the answer is yes, get into gear NOW.  Make a difference NOW!


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