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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Smiles, Laughter, Kindness and a Relationship in Christ

This weekend I was invited to a "Colombian Style Feast" at one of my friends homes.  William is from Colombia and he and wife invited some friends over to eat authentic Colombian food.  William's mom is here visiting from Colombia and cannot speak English.

I was amazed at how quickly we became friends. Basically, I smiled, laughed and showed her kindness.  William interrupted for me and of course she knew William and I were friends.  But before the evening was over she and I were taking each others pictures. She invited Raynell and I to stay with her the next time we are in Colombia.  We were FRIENDS.

She was a sweet lady that loved the Lord.  We were friends because of several things but we had a spiritual bond that was special.  In a way, I think that is a picture of what heaven maybe like.  When we first arrive will be kind to one another, smile at each other,  laugh with each other and be one in Christ.  In a fashion we will be inviting each other over for dinner or offering our homes to one another.  Like last night, it will be special!


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