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Monday, July 19, 2010

Chickasaw Medical Center

"State of the Art", "Amazing", "Fantastic", "Beautiful", "History Making", "First of it's Kind".  These were the most common comments that were heard today at the ribbon cutting ceremony in Ada at the brand new Chickasaw Medical Center.

The facility is simply OUTSTANDING.  The medical facility is 370,000 square feet, 75 private hospital rooms, surgery center, obstetric center, third tier emergency room including a heliport, and numerous medical clinics are all housed in this new facility.

Thousands and thousands of people are going to be healed here, babies will be born, all kinds of good things will happen.  And yes, some will die here too.  The neat thing is not how beautiful the building is or how big or how many different things they can and will do there, the neat thing is the hospital administrator.  Dr. Judy Goforth Parker is the hospital Administrator and she loves the Lord.  It doesn't get any better than that.

This is the finest new hospital facility I have ever seen and a Christian is in charge.  Now that is not an accident, it is a blessing from God!


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  1. Hey how can we have both " The hospital and the administrator" in our hospital you dont born or die, cause if you dont have money, you stay out without the service, send to us the administrator !! Ross.