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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Fighting Deadlines

This is a post from my friend Mark Batterson's Blog today.  I think it is great and I wanted to share it with  you.

"I need deadlines.  Without them, I'd never tie off the umbilical cord on anything.  Deadlines help me overcome my perfectionism.  they also help me overcome my procrastination.  All of that to say, I'm fighting a deadline.  Trying to wrap up my next book, Soulprint, by July 31".

"Ever heard of Parkinson's Law?  It basically states that the amount of time it takes to do something is determined by how much time you have!  If you have two days, it'll take two days.  If you have two weeks, it'll take two weeks.  In my experience, there is a lot of truth to that.  To extrapolate, if you have a deadline it'll forever!"
                                          Mark Batterson
                                          National Community Church


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