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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Tragedy Turns to Inspiration

Just 24 hours ago every local TV station was covering the story of the 21 tornados that ripped through Oklahoma late Monday afternoon and evening.

Tuesday, everything was back to normal on TV but not in the lives of those hit by the tornados.

Whisper of Hope is one of the many Ministries that came to the aid of Oklahoman's that were affected by the storms.  They sent word out through their organization that they were going to put together Blu Hope Totes for the victims.  They asked for donations of essential items, gift cards, money, etc. to help people put their lives back together.

Raynell sent out an email to all of the Bank2 employees and in just a few hours we gather about $1,200 dollars between the employees and the bank's matching funds.  I was so impressed by the generosity of our employees.  They are so giving.  They are a great example to me.  They never fail to step up and help those that are hurting.  They inspire me to do more.

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