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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Mothers Day

For those of you wondering why I have been writing about my mom this week,  Mothers Day is Sunday.  As I hope you can tell, I love my mom.  She has not always been easy to live with (I was NEVER the problem) but the bond between a son and his mom is deep.

My mom will be 85 in August.  It is hard to see her grow old.  I am sure it is harder on her.

I have one more story to tell about my mom.  When I graduated from high school I decided to go to college at the Cincinnati Bible Seminary in Cincinnati, Ohio.  I sold my car and pulled all of my money and belongings together and my mom drove me down to Cincinnati so I could enroll.  Once we got everything unloaded from the car and in my room I walked my mom back out to the parking lot.  When we reached her car she stuffed a check in my shirt pocket, gave me a hug around my neck and said, "I hope to hell you know what you are doing"!  Then she got in car and drove off leaving me standing in the parking lot.  As I walked back to my dorm, in a strange city, in a large metro, with no real knowledge of the town or the school I thought..."I hope I do too".

I pulled the check out off my pocket and it was for $500.  The only money I was ever given to go to college, $500.  My mom was not being mean or selfish.  She did not have much.  But even if she did have more, I don't think she would have given it to me.  To her, it was time for me to be a man.  I decided to go off to college.  I did not ask her, I told her what I was going to do.  So, in her mind, if I was man enough to tell her, she was mother enough to let me sink or swim.  Because of my mom, I found out the truth about me...I was a pretty good swimmer.

Thanks mom, Happy Mothers Day and don't forget, I love you. 

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