Ross A. Hill: Did You Watch 20/20 Last Night?

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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Did You Watch 20/20 Last Night?

My blood pressure shot up 100 points as I listened to people talk about the fact that they made enough money to pay their home loans but that they refused to pay them because the value of the home had dropped significantly.  That is right, they can make the payment, they just are not going to do it.  Why, because the economy went against them.  Too bad for the bank or mortgage company that made them the loan.  They don't care about them.  They are not going to pay for the house.

They don't care that they promised to pay it back.  They don't care that they signed papers committing to pay it back.  They don't care that the bank had nothing to do with the value of the house shrinking.  They don't care that the nation's economy went into the toilet.  They don't care that they are still employed and make enough to make the payment.  They just don't care.  They are walking away.  One couple admitted they had not made a payment in five months!  They were not going to make another payment.  They were going to save the money and keep saving until they have to move out.  They laughed (one national TV) about getting to live in the house for free! Too bad for the bank.  That is the way the cookie crumbles.

Somebody is going to pay for this mess.  The somebody is us .  We are left holding the bag.  For they have NO CHARACTER.

Our parents and grandparents did not do this during the depression.  Our parents and grandparents buckled down and figured a way to pay the money back.  It was hard.  But parents and grandparents were better for it.

These people have no character.  They made a promise, a promise to pay it back!  If this character flaw grows and becomes the fiber of America I have one thing to say.

God, help us all.

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