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Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Lots of people write and talk about Leadership.  Perhaps the most famous on that topic today is John Maxwell.  I am a big fan of his and I believe I have read every one of his books.  There are many others, too numerous to count.  Everyone seems to have there ideas, many are very good.  However, I often wonder about their advice.  It seems to me most miss some very basic but essential qualities.

I often wonder where the discussion is about Integrity, Honesty, Being Men or Women of Our Words, Kind Heartedness, Empathy and similar qualities. I especially wonder about where the discussion is about "saying you are sorry" to your employees, customers or vendors when your employees make mistakes. The Leader needs to take responsibility.  Perhaps most importantly the Leader needs to say he or she is sorry when they are the ones that have made the mistake.  I think, in part, it is called, being accountable.

Leadership is more than having the corner office,  the title, or the best parking place or best car.  In my opinion real leaders say they are sorry and make amends when necessary.  Real leaders are willing to humble themselves and show their human side.  Real Leadership understands that people and relationships are the bottom line.

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