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Monday, May 17, 2010

Hail the Size of Softballs!

I think the news media many times makes things seem worse than they are in reality.  But I am not being the news media here when I tell you OKC had hail the size of softballs yesterday.  I saw it on TV.  I am thankful I did not see it in person!

This was the biggest hail storm I have ever seen.  When the helicopters showed the pictures from the air it looked like a snow storm.  The ground and the roofs were covered with what appeared to be snow but was really hail.  My friends home had all of his windows on the north side of his house knocked out. TV showed some homes that had holes in the siding like a rocket shell had been shot at the house.  My golf course is closed for the next three days so they can clean up and make repairs.  They will announce on Wed. if they need more time.

I suspect the damage from the this storm will be huge and insurance rates will go up.  No tornado's and to my knowledge no deaths.  

The good news is we have a bright sunny day today.  The bad news is we have more storms coming  Tuesday - Thursday.  Just spring time in Oklahoma

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