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Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Today.  RJ and I attended a fund raiser put on by Giant Experiences.  We enjoyed a great breakfast at a local club and heard about a village in India where there is no medical facility within a 3-4 hour drive. We heard stories about how some young women are bleeding to death during child birth and how some babies die at birth because of the lack of adequate medical facilities.

In our minds that sort of poverty and lack of access to health care is unheard of yet, it is a reality.  It is as though we can not conceive of a world so impoverished.  But, it is not just a fable.  Three of my friends have been there and witnessed this up close and personal.  My mind and some of my friends say "why should you care, it is a half way around the world? You will never see those people and there is plenty of people that need help right here in OKC".

Yes, perhaps this is true but RJ and I did decided to care.  To care about the poor and needed half way around the world that we may never know in person.  And many others showed they cared as well. We will all know we helped to build a hospital half way around the world that will serve scores and scores of people long after we have gone to be with our maker.  This Hospital of Hope will provide much needed medical care so that lives can be saved in more ways than one.

Milt Kuyers a successful business man said, "Stewardship is not really so much about what you give but what you allow yourself to keep."   

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