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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Going the Extra Mile

Going the extra mile is one of my mantra's.  I love people that make a habit of going the extra mile.  I want to surround myself with people that go the extra mile.  I want my company to be full of employees that go the extra mile.

Today I got an email from Loan Le.  Loan is a high school senior and did a one day shadow of some of our employees over Christmas break this past year.  It is a program that the downtown Rotary Club sponsors.

Loan wrote me an email to thank me for giving her a booklet about going the extra mile.  She said she carries it with her and reads it a lot.  She said she is attempting to make it part of her life habits.  Wow, read that again.  Is that refreshing or what?

Loan, you made my day!

By the way, I think Loan Le needs to be a banker and work in the Loan Department.  What do you think?  Email me your answer.

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