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Monday, May 24, 2010

Depressed? Heck NO!

Some people asked me if I was depressed about all of the changes in our industry especially after my last blog.  Heck NO!

I can not change what congress is doing but I sure don't have to be depressed over it.  I can not control them.  I can control me and I am not about to let a bunch of guys in DC get me down.  Those guys can not keep Americans down for long.  We will overcome.

America needs capital to prosper.  No bunch of politicians are going to be able to keep capitalism down for long.  Americans will figure another way.

While I believe my predictions about our industry from my last blog, I also have some ideas about the future.  It is going to be good, big and bright because that is just how Americans think.  We like to chase our dreams.  Like one of my friends said to me today, you are a Lion Chaser.  I am chasing my dream.


  1. Yes my friend, they can try to lock a lion but they cannot lock the espirit. God is with us and He will lead us trought this jungle.
    Amen my friend... Carlos