Ross A. Hill: Banking Reform? You Have to be Kidding!

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Friday, May 21, 2010

Banking Reform? You Have to be Kidding!

All I can say is get ready for some major changes in the banking system.
The Senate just passed a huge sweeping "Banking Reform" bill into law.  Over 1,500 pages, over 250 amendments.  It was crazy and what is more crazy they exempted most of the players that caused the melt down from the new legislation.  Do we need some reforms?  YES!  Did this do it?  NO! 

Here is what I predict will happen over the next 5-10 years:
  The total number of banks will dramatically reduce
  Maybe half as many as there are today
  Over 9,000 today
  Consumers will get far more disclosures that they won't read or be able to understand
  The cost of a consumer loan will increase, more fees, higher interest rates.
  Fewer banks will make loans to consumers
  Small businesses will find it much more difficult to find a loan
  They will pay more in the form of fees and interest
  There will be far more rigidity in the loans. 
  Banks will not be able to tailor a loan to your need
  Banks profits will continue to decrease
  Banks will be forced to merge and be far bigger than they are today
  Thus service will become a thing of scarcity
  More and more paper work will be forced upon banks
  Consumers and Small Businesses will be overwhelmed by the paper work to secure a loan
  Consumers and Small Businesses will be less served because of the new regulations
  ATM's will dry up
  Debit (check cards) will cease to have value
  Today there are nearly 500,000 ATM's, that number will be cut in half if not more
  You will be more dependent upon the hours your bank is open to secure cash
  The end to "Free Checking Accounts"
  The end to "Great Rate Checking and Savings Account"

I hope I am wrong.  I am going to save this and I will let you know every time one of my predictions becomes a reality.

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