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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Remarkable Response

Wow!  What a response to my posting about "Disappointment".  I was really taken back by your comments.  Thank you.

There is more to the story.  Today, the gentleman and his sons returned to my office.  He came to thank me for the letter of recommendation I wrote for him and to tell me he got the job.  I was very happy for him.

I asked him to step into my office by himself for a minute.  I told him what I suspected had happened to my Mario figurine.  I explained where it came from and how special it was to me.   I asked him if he could check his car and ask his sons if they knew where it might be.  I told him I knew they were just small children that needed their dad to keep teaching them about life.

I tried to be kind and non-condemning.  Believing it was the right thing to do I tried to treat him and the boys with respect and dignity.  The way I knew I should.  He assured me he would try to find Mario and return it to me.  I thank him and walked him out of my office and bid them all a good day.

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