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Monday, September 13, 2010

My Grandmother - Part 1

As you may recall I was in my home state of Ohio a week or so ago to celebrate my mom's 86th birthday.  As part of the celebration I took mom to Portsmouth, Ohio.  It is my moms hometown, the city of my birth and where my Grandmother placed the seeds of faith deep within my heart. I loved my grandmother very much.

This past Sunday as I sat in church and read the Morning Thought my mind went back to Portsmouth and to my Grandmother.  She changed my life forever. I would like to share what was written in the bulletin with you but broken into several parts.

Part -1, "People who leave their footprints firmly in the sands of time for people in future generations to remember and cherish, do so only by living well in whatever circumstances they find themselves with God's help and ultimate blessing.  These folks are legendary in their vision in their service, and in their character".  These words were written by George R. Skramstad.

As I reflect on these words and on my trip back to see my roots I was amazed at the poverty my grandmother lived in.  Even back then as a very young child I realized she was poor but only as I have matured do I comprehend the depth of her financial poverty.  Grandmothers home site was surrounded by the railroad yards, three very old shoe factories and a warehouse that was still painted a dull red some 45 years later.  We both realized the depth of her poverty and by contrast the richness of our own material blessings.

Yet, poverty nor her life circumstances ever seemed to phase grandmother.  She cared for her sick dieing husband and at the same time her alcoholic brother who lived in her basement.  Her faith was rich, she was upbeat, she made me pancakes and homemade syrup.  She took me to church and read her bible to me.  She told me the things of God especially where nature was concerned.  I miss her more than I can express in words. Without her life example I would not know Christ today.  She taught me many more things, like being honest, polite and to be gracious.  She taught me the importance of "living well in whatever circumstance".


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