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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A Little Boy Named Reid

Recently we have formed some new friends.  We met them at the pool earlier this summer.  They had their grandson with them and his name is Reid.  Reid takes after his grandpa and has one of those bigger than life personalities!  Reid started calling me "Mr. Ross".   Reid, his grandfather and I have had some squirt gun shoot outs that would have made some of the old time wild west shows on TV look like child's play.  It has been fun.  In fact the last time Reid was in town we got one of RJ's grandson's over and the four of us had a big time shoot out. Yes, the girls got in the middle of it too!

We (the grandparents) were all laughing about it over dinner tonight.  Jimmy said Reid was going to be here this weekend.  Did I mention Reid is 3?  Jimmy asked his grandson what he wanted to do this weekend.  Reid said that he wanted to find Mr. Ross at the pool and have a squirt gun battle!  Too Funny!!!

I thanked God Jimmy told me that story.  It is fun to know that Mr. Ross is somehow special to a three year old boy named Reid.  I think Reid is pretty special too.


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