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Monday, August 16, 2010

Speaking Blessings

Did you know that in days gone by a parent speaking a blessing over a child was a valued tradition,  that the blessing was something very special and carried great meaning?  It is true!

Today, we don't put much stock into the spoken word.  But we should value it, especially when it is being spoken over our children or grandchildren.

Little did I realize how important it was when I was raising my own kids.  But, for some strange reason I spoke blessing over them.  I started blessing my kids when they were babies.  I would say, "you are a leader, not a follower", or "you have character", or "you are a man after God's own heart".  I would also say, "you are a problem solver" or "you are going to be a successful businessman" or "you will love the Lord with all of your heart, mind and soul".  I would tell them they were "men of honor" and I would tell them "they were going to be great dads".  I spoke those blessing to them from the first time I held them and i kept speaking those blessing over them over and over. I am pleased to say, today all of these things are true of my sons.  I am thankful and proud of each one of them.

When is the last time you spoke blessing over your kids or grand kids?  You can start today.  The next time you see them hold them and speak it over them.  Tell them what you see for their future.  It will change their life...It will change your life.


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