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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

God Amazes Me!

Today, I was driving to Ada and on the way down I was praying about a couple of issues.  I was asking God to show me, to reveal to me why some things were happening like they were in my life. I was totally confused. I was asking God to help me understand.  I was asking God to make it clear to me why these things were happening and how to deal with it.

When I arrived in Ada, I had a few minutes before the meetings started so I began reading and responding to my emails.  My wife sent me a great email and God used her to explain to me what was going on in my life.

HE ANSWERED MY PRAYERS THROUGH HER EMAIL.  However, Raynell did NOT know about my prayer or what I was feeling.  We had NOT discussed it. Yet, there was the answer to my prayer in her email. Her email was time stamped just minutes before I read it. So in less than 2 hours God had totally cleared up my confusion through an email from my wife. 
Like I said, God Amazes Me!  Praise Be to Lord.


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