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Thursday, August 5, 2010

God Amazes Me x 2!

I do not deserve the favor I am experiencing this week.  I hope it never stops!  Two days in a row, within minutes, God has spoken to me through my wife, friends and emails.

Today, Raynell was telling me that she felt strongly that I needed to be working with a new friend I have developed overseas. She felt that I should seriously get down to making the plans and getting after the work.  She sensed God's leading and thought I needed to really think and pray about it.

What Raynell DID NOT KNOW was that several days ago my overseas friend had suggested those very things.  I had replied to his email and told him I wanted too move forward but that it would take a lot of money and I did not have it. I asked him if he had any ideas.

ONLY 30 MINUTES LATER after Raynell told me these things I opened my email and I had a new email from my friend overseas telling me basically the same things Raynell had communicated.  He was encouraging me to move forward, pray, put a plan together and let God provide what we need.

God Just Amazes Me x 2!


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