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Sunday, August 1, 2010

New York City

As you know, I was in NYC this past week attending the annual strategic planning meeting for The Bankers Bank. It was a great meeting.  Tons of work.  But Saturday afternoon I got to see the sights.

Things that stood out:

  Central Park, if OKC's version of Central Park that is being build with the latest MAPS proceeds we are going to have one fantastic park!  We took a late night guided bicycle tour that was great.
  Time Square, the most incredible  display of lighted billboards I have ever seen in my life.  By law 18% of any building built in the area must be covered with electronic signage.  WoW!
  Empire State Building, wonderful design and details.
  Ground Zero, the destruction is like nothing I had imagined, but it is all being rebuilt as a statement to the world that nothing or nobody can defeat the USA.
  Subways, wonderfully efficient.
  Trinity Church, in the middle of Wall Street, serves as a reminder that we are a blessed nation.
  NYC Federal Reserve Bank gold vault, like no vault I have ever seen.
  Gold Bar, I held one gold bar in my hands, 28 pounds, valued at $446,000!
  Statue of George Washington on Wall Street in memory of where he took the oath of office as the first president of the USA.  I will never forget it.
  New York Stock Exchange, big, bold, stately and 100% all American.
  Taxis, everywhere!
  Statue of Liberty, breathtaking night and day!

It took me 57 years to make my first visit, what a mistake.  I would encourage you to go to NYC.  Yes the rooms cost too much, the food is too high as well, but you are missing one great city if you don't go.



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