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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Friends Help Friends

Today it seems that many of my adult friends are dealing with serious issues surrounding their adult children and/or their adult parents.  These are not easy issues but weigh on the heart tremendously.

It seems the adult children are stressed over becoming adults and living with the realities of adult life.  The responsibilities that just part of life.  At the same time adult parents are having health and aging issues.  They want to be free and able to fend for themselves but many simply cannot.

What is left in the middle is the ADULT care givers.  They are feeling tremendous stress.  Many feel like they have somehow let their adult children down and feel guilty because of the problems their adult kids are having with life.  Then on the other side some feel guilty because they can not remove the pain from the lives of their aging parents.  Many senior adults are suffering with memory problems, mobility problems, loneliness, and financial difficulties.  It is not fun growing old.

It may never have been more important than to remember to "Love your neighbor as you love yourself", to "share one anther's burdens".  A good ear to listen, a strong shoulder to lean on, an encouraging word, a prayer for strength can mean everything to the person that is laboring with these issues.  Remember, "a kind word is good medicine for the soul".

Remember, Friends Help Friends.


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