Ross A. Hill: Lessons Learned from Glass Blowing PART 3

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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Lessons Learned from Glass Blowing PART 3

This is the last post in this three part series.  My friend Chris McGahan and his faithful son Micah are glass blowers par excellent.  Please visit their web site and take a look at some of their marvelous art.  Just click on this link:

Here are the Top 10 Lessons I learned watching them blow glass the other night.
  1. It is very HARD work
  2. It is very HOT work
  3. It is TIME SENSITIVE work
  4. It is not a science, it is an ART
  5. It is DEMANDING work
  6. You have to be EXTREMELY PATIENT to be successful  
  7. It requires TEAM work
  8. It requires STRENGTH
  9. It requires PRECISE TIMING
  10. The results ARE NOT always positive
  11. BONUS Art can UPLIFT and ENCOURAGE those that are hurting  
I am blessed to have such good friends that would demonstrate their glass blowing techniques for some of my friends and use it to encourage one that has been in a battle with breast cancer.  Several months ago Chris, Micah and Chris' wife Linda designed and blew a beautiful vase and named it "Sonja Rose".  We gave it to Sonja to be an encouragement to her as she went thru her chemo treatments after cancer surgery.  Those treatments are now in the rear view mirror! Sonja wanted to meet the artist and hear the story behind "Sonja Rose".  It was a wonderful evening and we ended it with prayer and words of encouragement from Chris for Sonja. The art that the McGahan's created has blessed and encouraged Sonja as she fights to win over this terrible disease. Hearing the story, meeting the artist, seeing the effort involved and hearing the story of how God can restore us and build something beautiful out of our brokenness was and remains a true blessing for Sonja. For all of us.


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