Ross A. Hill: Lessons Learned from Glass Blowing PART 2

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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Lessons Learned from Glass Blowing PART 2

Sunday night as Chris and Micah blew the glass they described what they were doing. They also drew many correlations between what they were doing with the glass to what God does in our lives.

We watched the broken glass be heated, stressed, shaped, re-shaped, blown and re-heated. Sometimes the shape would move and begin to wobble. The master artists would quickly move to restore the shape.  They would spin the glass, reheat it, blow into it, cool and smooth the glass. Over and over the process would go.    The artists melted, fused, mold and re-shape the scraps of glass into something absolutely beautiful. They created something VERY SPECIAL out of the brokenness.  I think most of us would have just thrown it all away and started over with new glass.

As they neared the end, suddenly without warning it was destroyed.  It would take me way too long to explain what happened but let me use a brief explanation from the artist. Chris said, "I just did not build the base large enough and wide enough to handle the weight of the vase".  In other words the foundation was not strong enough.  Think about it.


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