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Monday, July 5, 2010

Everybody Has a Story

The other day when I had the good fortune to meet and hear Dan Cathy, he shared a video that Chic-fil-A is now using to train its staff.  The  theme of the video was that every customer and employee has a story. The story is not what you see on the outside.  Some stories are great and encouraging and others are difficult and stir the inner most part of your heart.  Many of us make the mistake of just seeing the outside and do not take time to know the person and their story. I am a relationship person but this concept hit me like a ton of bricks.  All too often I stop on the surface.  I have been thinking about this for days.

Below are just a few of the stories I have seen since seeing the video.
A cancer victim fighting and winning the fight over breast cancer.  Being loved and cared for by her husband and friends.
A mom who lost her teenage son in a terrible car wreck one year ago, fighting through the grief determined to not let the death of her beloved son ruin her life.  She is winning the fight one day at a time.
A little girl and boy abandoned by their dad but living through the pain because of a mom that loves them and a step dad that fathers them as if they were his own flesh and blood.
A wife caring for her sick husband as an unexpected and unknown disease has interrupted their new marriage beyond any ones comprehension.  She loves him, cares for him and stands behind him every step of the way.

Not every story has been difficult, I have seen some really good stories over the past few days as well.

Bottom line,  I would encourage you to write those 4 words down on you desktop, phone, someplace that you can see and be reminded of the idea constantly.  My hope would be that it would motivate you to give grace and encouragement to those you come in contact with because Everybody Has A Story.


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