Ross A. Hill: Rocking out at Chris Tomlin - Toby Mac Tour 2010

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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Rocking out at Chris Tomlin - Toby Mac Tour 2010

Raynell and I rocked out last night under the stars at one fantastic Christian concert!
It was so much fun. Great music, great friends, great venue, celebrating and worshipping the Almighty.

I kept thinking how great it was to be able to praise God...wishing it would never end.

Then it hit me...It was almost like God spoke in a loud voice, "this concert is a preview of eternity! One day it will never end!"  


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  1. I was there ... and so was God! Very cool indeed!!! Fun being among like minded Christ followers ... all unique, individual, and vibrant ... celebrating and worshiping as one to the One!