Ross A. Hill: Do You Ever Wonder, Where is God?

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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Do You Ever Wonder, Where is God?

And then the next thing you know He shows up?

Seems like this happens to me consistently.  Just the other day I was telling my wife and some very close friends about an issue I was having trouble dealing with.  I was frustrated and just could not figure it out.  I had prayed about it over and over yet I was more frustrated than ever.

We talked about it and we prayed about it.  My friends had some good insight but I was still very frustrated.  The next morning I got two, not one,  TWO emails early in the morning.  Both spoke to the very issue I was frustrated about.  I had not discussed the problem with either  of the writers of the emails but God moved and spoke to me through the emails.

God knows my weakness, He knows my heart, He knows my need and He loves me so much he speaks to me, not once but TWICE!  Just when I am frustrated and wondering where is God, He shows up.  He is Amazing!

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