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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Information Overload-7 Steps Easy Steps To Eliminate It

Do you suffer from Information Overload?
It has become a real problem in our society.  How do you overcome the problem?  How do you keep it from happening again?  Not surprisingly, this topic has become a common conversation in the circles I am running in.  I have some useful ideas I would recommend you try if you are suffering from Information Overload.
  1). Turn off all non-essential communication.
  2). Eliminate all non-essential emails and text communication.
       2-a).  Unsubscribe to every non-essential email catalog, advertisement and newsletter you receive.
  3). Choose carefully what you listen too, watch and read.
  4). Stop all non-essential subscriptions.
  5). Stop thinking you have to watch the news every night, especially the 24 hour news stations.
  6). Turn the radio off when driving.
  7). Schedule some down time everyday.
       7-a). No TV, No Radio, No Email, NO Text, No Tweets, No Conversations, No Reading,  just a few minutes of solitude.

If you are suffering from Information Overload put these tips to use immediately.  I know you may think the world will fall apart or you will miss something.  And of course you are correct.  You will miss the stress associated with Information Overload, and that is about all you will miss.   Please try it and let me know the results in a few days.

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