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Monday, May 31, 2010

Various News Items

Many of you that read my blog will remember the story "I Met Courage Today" posted 2.2.2010.  You may want to go back an re-read the story but just a quick reminder is in order.  At age 24 Taylor suddenly and without warning went completely blind in one eye and has significant loss in his other eye.  In fact, he is considered legally blind.  Well, this past Friday. I had a wonderful experience with Taylor and his dad.  We play golf together and Taylor shot 47 on the front 9.  He continued to play well on the back but did not finish the last couple of holes.  We had a great time!.  His dad lined him up on his shots and then Taylor hit the ball.  It was amazing.  He beat me on the very first hole!  After 4 holes he was one up on me.  Taylor continues to inspire me.  He has every reason to quit but Taylor is an OVER COMER.

By the way, my friends Steve Carmack and Terry Hague at Legacy Bank in OKC hired Taylor to work in their call center.  I thank God for men like these guys that will give someone with a problem like Taylor's a chance to work.  These guys live their faith.

Off To Fish City For Dinner Tonight!
Whisper of Hope is having a fund raiser at Fish City Tuesday night.  15% of everything you spend for dinner tonight will go to Whisper of Hope Ministries!  Whisper of Hope reaches the lost through the arts. This is a great opportunity to get a great meal and support a most worthwhile Christian ministry.  Come join us!  Fish City is at the corner of 15th and Bryant in Edmond.  The event runs from 11-9 p.m. tonight.

GiANT Experiences Mission Trip to Peru
GiANT Experiences founder Ray Sanders recently returned from a mission trip to Peru.  The trip was a huge success and Ray has been invited back in September by the V. P. of Peru to speak and teach at some Universities and to some business groups in Peru.  GiANT Experiences mission is to awaken the hearts of leaders.

Hospital of Hope in India Update
Just two weeks ago GiANT Experiences and Global Action attempted to raise $106,000 to build a 5,000 sq. ft. hospital in a remote part of India. The breakfast event was held at a local club and to date has raised over $70,000 towards this goal.  Soon mothers and babies that were dying at home or on the side the road during child birth will have a hospital fully equipped and staffed to deliver babies.  Global Action mission is to reach the world's poorest people for the cause of Christ.

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