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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

An Amazing Week

This has been an amazing week.  The past 7 days have been the biggest roller coaster ride I can remember in a good long while.

Business way up, then way down, then up, then down and now up.  Each up and down have very specific things I can explain.  Major developments.  The bank is strong and doing so well.  We are blessed.  We are having a better year this year than ever before.

Golf, lost a heart breaker match against a really good player.  I was up, then I was down.  Then I beat my sons later in the day...that is always an up time :).  Then on Monday I played in a tournament and did not play well so I was down...then to my surprise they claimed we won first place in the third flight!  Hey, beggars can not be choosy.  It was worth a plaque and a couple of shirts in the pro shop...way up!

Friendship, got a little side ways with a great friend over something rather stupid, way down.  Then all was forgiven, now I am way up!

Blog, working for months at renaming it and repositioning it.  Thought we had the perfect name and then it blew up, way down.  Then we worked hard on a new name and nothing came up and we finally decided we had the name all along...way up!  Now we are ready to move forward with other new developments related to this work...way up.

Health, I had some test this week.  No fun, painful, way down.  Looked around the waiting room and decided I was in pretty good shape compared to most in there...way up!

As the Lord said, "don't worry about tomorrow each day has enough trouble of its own."  Emotions can run you ragged.  Stay focused on the one that loves you and provides for you each and everyday.  That will smooth those low and high places out a bit.


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