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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Fear of Losing

Have you ever been afraid of losing what you have gained? YES!

You work hard to accomplish a goal. Once it is accomplished you want to guard it. You want to hang on to it. You want to keep it safe. You know how hard you worked to gain what you have. You know how difficult it was, how much blood, sweat and tears it cost you. So you start figuring ways to hold on to it, to protect it, to keep it safe. It is natural but it could be a mistake.

Erwin McManus in his book Chasing Daylight said, " The greatest danger that success brings, aside from arrogance, is the fear of loosing what has been gained". This fear limits us because we become focused on the here and now and miss the future. We focus on maintaining instead of on building.

I am in the risk taking business and have been for over 30 years. Even in times like these banks must continue to take risks or we start to lose what we have gained. If we let "The Fear of Losing" dictate our future we have already sealed our fate...We will loose. However, if we seize the moment we can accomplish even more and we will live the future.

The choice is yours. For me, I am not a loser, I choose to focus on the future and keep building.


  1. Very well put. On a morning when my eyes are buring from lack of sleep, the world just came back into focus and i realize why i work so hard. Too build. Thank you for this daily inspiration, it just launched my day.

  2. Very.............… and I do mean VERY good word! I enjoy you blog and it brings encouragement to me.

  3. Arrogance (boasting) is the biggest roadblock to success with fear narrowly behind.
    As you know Ross, I have personal experience in this area.

    Jim Shaw

  4. worth is what we pay value is our reward