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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Old Testament Comes Alive

As you may remember, I am reading the Bible cover to cover, front to back.  As I got into some of the Old Testament books I found them boring and monotonous.  I am being honest.  I found myself asking the following questions; What does this stuff have to do with me?  Why did God go into such details about this stuff?  Why does He think I needed to know all of these details about (as examples) the sacrifices or the temple.  I don't get it.

Once I started admitting my thoughts and started praying and asking God to reveal to me what it was He was trying to teach me, the pages started coming alive.  As I reflected on the information, I just started thinking about how or why this is valuable to me?  What can I learn from this information?  I tried to limit each reading to no more than two chapters each day. I wanted time to reflect and think about why this is important? What is it God wants me to take away from this information? How does this have application to me?

Each day. as I have reflected on the material, God has revealed to me new, fresh thoughts and these chapters have come alive for me.  What was once boring and of little value suddenly has substance and meaning to me. Just take time to ask God, reflect, write down what comes to your mind and watch these books come alive.

If you have had this same problem I highly recommend you try this system.  Just take time to ask God, reflect, write down what comes to your mind.  I think you will be surprised how these chapters and books will Come Alive for you.

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