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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Does Anything Last?

Do you ever ask that question?  Do you ever get frustrated because things are always changing.  Change is constantly going on all around me.  It seems like nothing last anymore.  Banking has always been known as a stable industry, very slow to change.  Ask any salesman that has tried to sell something new to a bank and he will tell you it is a difficult sale.  It is a very long sales cycle. Bankers historically have resisted changed.  But today, banking is evolving at supersonic speeds.  Between technological, accounting standards (FASB), regulatory changes (Financial Reform) and the changes dictated by the market, banking is changing rapidly. It is very difficult to keep up with and it frustrates the customers and the employees to a high degree.

When I got into banking 35 years ago the industry was known as a high touch customer service business.  Today the Government is using us a secret unpaid police system to catch terrorist, drug lords and income tax evaders.  So much of our time is spent managing regulations and implementing policy changes. Change has been forced upon us.

My friends and I talk about how everything seems to be changing.  Nothing seems to last.  Nothing seems to be the same any more.  It wears people out.  Everyone seems to be asking the question...

Does anything last?

YES!  "The grass withers, the flowers fade but the word of God stands forever!"  Isaiah tells us that no matter what happens, no matter what breaks, no matter what quits working, no matter what changes, or how much change is going on, there is one thing that never changes. There is one thing that is stable and we can count on it.  One thing we can be sure will last...the word of God!

It is a constant source of power, strength and comfort. With everything around us changing God's word is a source of stability.  It is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow.  It is a living breathing miracle because unlike most, if not all other books, the Word NEVER CHANGES or goes out of date.

Does anything last?  Yes, the word of God.


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