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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I Would Be In The Poor House

I think I mentioned that I was reading through the Bible from front to back.  I am just entering Leviticus and I have to say that I am overwhelmed as I read the pages.  It seems God's people were required to make all kinds of offering for their sin.  The Bible is very specific about all of this.  It might be good for you to read Leviticus to see what I mean.

As I reflected upon  what I have been reading I am overwhelmed by my own sin.  If I was alive at that time I  would be at the tabernacle making offering(s) EVERYDAY.  I wondered how I would have time to do anything else.  I wondered how I would make money to acquire the things necessary to make the offering.  I soon realized that I would be in the poor house because of my sin.

Then I Praised God for delivering the ultimate sacrifice His Son so that I may be forgiven.  As I reflected more, I realized that all of the offerings that were required of God's people made them confront their sin directly.  It cost them directly.  It made them do without food and perhaps increase/income.  It hurt to sin.  You had to pay a price.

Today, I get complacent about my sin because it does not cost me anything immediately.  The cost is more indirect.  Because Jesus paid the ultimate sacrifice so I don't have to pay it.  I am not loosing money, or time running around making sacrifices.  Jesus paid my debt/my sacrifices once and for all.  The question is, "what am I doing with the blessing Jesus has given to me?"

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