Ross A. Hill: What is Your Bank's Specialty?

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Monday, June 14, 2010

What is Your Bank's Specialty?

Do you know what product your bank specializes in?

Most people have the mistaken belief that all banks do the same thing.  That is like saying all restaurants serve the same food. 

Some bank's specialize in certain products and other banks specialize in doing things a certain way.  It is true  everybody spells B-A-N-K the same way.  But the level of service and the interest in the product you need vary greatly by bank.

The next time you are having a problem getting your bank to do what you want done you need to ask yourself a question.  Why?  Is it me or is it my bank?  Then start asking your banker about their experience in the area you have a need.  Most likely you will find out that the problem is not YOU but rather the BANK.  They just don't do what you need done.

Can it be that simple?  YES!

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