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Monday, March 15, 2010

Pros For Africa

Here is an excerpt from an email I received today from Ray Sanders CEO of GiANT Experiences.
GiANT Experiences has worked with Pros for Africa to bring hope and healing
to Ugandan children who are victims of this war torn region of Africa.

We will be joined by business leaders, medical professionals and NFL
players. We will provide medical assistance, drill water wells and assist
with building of facilities for the children.

We will also be working with local government, business and church leaders
to establish long term sustainable community development projects that help
Ugandans be self sufficient, support the work of the local church and see
eternal impact.

While in Uganda, the US Consulate has asked me to make a presentation at the
Restore International Academy on leadership. They have 19 teachers and about
200 students.

The backgrounds of the students vary, but generally almost all of them grew
up in northern Uganda during the war. So an overwhelming percentage have
had one or both of their parents die due to the war or disease. And all of
them have seen the horrors of the war. A few of the boys were formerly
abducted and forced to fight with the rebels, and several of the girls
already have children. But some of the students come from well to do
families as well.

Not to long ago Brandon Heath visited the Restore Academy in northern
Uganda. The students helped him with his remix of "Give Me Your Eyes" by
singing along in the chorus. These are the very kids I hope to inspire.
Please pray that I succeed.

PLEASE take a minute to watch these videos. This is what GiANT Experiences
is all about! LIFE CHANGE!

See the music video here

Here is a link to a video about the school where I will be speaking:

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