Ross A. Hill: Do You Know How Valued You Are?

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Monday, March 29, 2010

Do You Know How Valued You Are?

This was written by Roy Lessin, Co-Founder of DaySpring Cards

As a carpenter, Jesus worked with a hammer, nails, and wood.  When He picked up a hammer, He knew that one day a hammer would be raised up against Him;  when His hand drove a nail, He knew that one day nails would be driven into Him;  when He worked with wood, He knew that one day there would be a tree where He would offer up His life.  Why the hammer?  Why the nails?  Why the wood?  It all has to do with worth...not His worth, buy YOURS.  Jesus knew your true value, and that's why He died.

    Each day on E-bay someone bids on an item that they value.  Each item purchased on E-bay is worth whatever someone is willing to pay...the greater the value, the greater the price.  Have you ever wondered what your true value is?  If your life were up for auction, what would you be worth?  When Jesus went to the cross, He paid the highest price that could ever be paid for your life.  YOU are worth to God the death of His Son.  YOU are not an afterthought or a second thought to God.  From the beginning of time YOU have been in His thoughts...

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